Grandma Pupa

Ida Lonati Frati was born in Varese on August 29, 1924 to a Milanese family. She lived and studied in Milan, prior to marrying in Varese during the Second World War, at the end of which she moved to Como, with her husband. The couple had two children: Giovanna and Gigi, who, in turn, had seven beautiful and charming grandchildren. In 1972, ten years after she became a widow, Mrs. Frati moved to Cernobbio – where she still lives. Years ago Mrs. Frati created a line of eponymous womenswear-  designing both the fabrics and the silhouettes and selling both to high-end stores in the Lake region. Her love of colors, shapes and forms – aesthetics in general and in particular – have always been a large part of who she is, and it is this over-riding sense of design and propriety which has driven her passion over the last twenty years, enabling her to create The Garden in the Valley. Walking home along the Via Plinio every day, Mrs. Frati’s sense of propriety and order was disturbed by the garbage dump that had accumulated along the ancient stone walls of the fabled Villa D’Este. It was from this sense of outrage that the Giardino della Valle was created: it is the result of years and years of passionate, persistent and dedicated determination.