Rose Competition 2020 | Special Instagram Edition

May 10, 2020, we had scheduled the 17th edition of the Rose Competition, the longest-running
event in the tradition of the Garden of the Valley, on Lake Como, Italy. Nonna Pupa, creator of
the Garden, started this event as a tribute to her family who used to organize a similar event at
the Palace Grand Hotel in Varese, which they ran before it was bombarded in WW2.

Due to the Covid19 emergency, all events have been put on hold indefinitely.
But our roses are not waiting. Nature and the seasons continue to evolve. In collaboration with
Giulia Frati, Pupa’s granddaughter, we decided to maintain the Rose Competition and let it
come to life in a different way this year. For the first time ever, the Rose Competition will be held
on Instagram.

We will not be able to smell the wonderful scents of roses, but we can all share their beauty with
our friends around the world.
Nonna Pupa taught us to never give up. And so, we adapt and
continue just as she would have done.

We will be distant but united through images and words.
The online event is in collaboration with the Como Ortofloricultural Society, which has always
been a close supporter of the Garden and its initiatives. The Como Ortofloricultural Society is
also under the patronage of the prestigious Italian Rose Society.

The Hotel Miralago has confirmed their support to the Garden and is sponsoring the event like every year.

Rules of the “virtual” 2020 competition, limited edition:

Your rose, your selfie

How to participate
1- Take a picture of the rose and a selfie of you together with your rose

2- Upload the 2 photos in a single post on your Instagram profile (or ask a friend to post them
for you if you do not have Instagram!)

3 – In the description of your post write
-your rose’s name
-why you think the rose should win (be creative in describing it!)
-the hashtag #rose2020gdv

4 – Add @ilgiardinodellavalle tag on the photo
5 – tag a friend in the comments and invite them to the competition

The images should be taken and posted on May 10, 2020.

Maximum 3 posts per Instagram profile (+selfie) that everyone can upload.

This year, the jury will be a popular one: the more likes the photo receives the more chances you have
to win.

Whoever has received the most likes by May 17th at 8pm (Rome utc/gmt), will be the

The Award for the winner will be a 50 euros gift certificate from David Austin so you can keep
growing more beautiful roses for next year !


Thank you for helping us keep Nonna Pupa’s spirit alive and for sharing the beauty that
surrounds us !